Sound ambiences that will help you focus

It's pouring outside

It's so good to be inside when it's pouring rain like that. Everything out there is wet and cold but you're in a warm and cozy place and happy to do whatever you planned to.

Sounds: Rain (Heavy), Rain on Roof, Thunder, Fire

Coffee shop

A busy german coffee shop. Lot's of murmur and chatting but it's almost impossible to make that into separate words. Will block distracting sounds and put you into a productive mode.

Sounds: German Coffee Shop, Clock Ticking

Total noise blocker

Lower sounds are the most effective for noise blocking. So here you go - thunder, waterfall, brown noise and a hair dryer. Each of the sounds is fluctuating in volume a little to give it a bit of a dynamic.

Sounds: Thunder, Brown Noise, Hair Dryer, Waterfall 2

Ambient music + rain

Gradual waves of ambient music drowns out the surrounding noise and rain just makes it even better.

Sounds: Ambient 1, Rain

In a forest

Sometimes your mind just needs to be relaxed to be the most productive. There are not a whole lot of things more relaxing than being in a forest. Enjoy!

Sounds: Forest Birds, Wind in Leaves, Grasshopper, Creek, Waterfall 2, Woodpeckers